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To manage our network and open projects we use a platform called Caleo. With this platform, we easily give you free access to open projects, IT experts and entire teams looking for assignments.

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Over 10 years of industry experience

BestCoders matches IT experts and IT projects with the help of an AI-powered platform called Caleo. It’s developed by BestCoders Finnish parent company Codemen Oy. Together with Codemen, our extensive network has over 5000 software industry professionals. Join the network and access either remote assignments, talent – or both. 

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Do you need an expert to join your team as a software consultant? Or a professional to help you match your IT-functions with your business’ needs? Or someone to make sure the quality of your product meets modern standards?

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With our extensive network you can get a single freelancer or a whole team for both short term or long term projects, on-site or off-site.

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